Thursday August 6 at 7PM (Virtual Event)

The Kingston Public Library Foundation is excited to have you join us for another Summer trivia event, this time hosted by The Trivia Brothers!

As always, the money raised at this event will go towards supporting programming and services at the Kingston Public Library.  You may have heard the KPL staff has been drastically reduced; this is an incredible loss to the Library and our Town.  This is why the supporting efforts of the KPLF, such as the recent painting and carpeting of the Children’s Room, continues to be crucial when filling in budget gaps.

We are sad that Covid-19 has resulted in our Trivia Night being virtual, but there is always a silver lining and for this event that silver lining is literary-themed cocktails!  What better way to get your mind thinking about random history or pop culture questions than with a drink.  We obviously are not able to provide the supplies for these potent potables (as Alex Trebek would call them), but we encourage you to enjoy any of the below responsibly: